101 Dalmatians Patch Costume Companion Bag | Disney Costume Accessories

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Hounding Those DogsFiguring out how to make clothes out of a nice Dalmatian’s coat took some research, but now that you have all the information, you are ready to get started! You have all the tools, knowhow, and plans, but those dogs just keep eluding you!It is ridiculous! How are those little monsters so clever? How do they keep escaping from all your perfect plans? Well, you may not know how to capture them, but maybe these two new henchmen will have better luck!Product DetailsCompleting your costume is as easy as grabbing this 101 Dalmatians Patch Costume Companion. This bag is a great, stylish addition to any Cruella, Dalmatian, or henchman costume that you are planning. The stuffed pet is cute and true to the style of the movies, while the zippered pocket is a great place to stash your ID, cash, or other small items. Make sure you are ready to rock the runway with this stylish accessory!Spotted a Cool AccessoryIf you are missing one item before you are ready to step out and show everyone your awesome costume, then you are in the right place. From the pound to the runway, everyone will love your cute little pet!

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