4 Foot Inflatable 3-Pumpkins Lawn Decoration | Halloween Decor

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Giant Jack-o-LanternsWe think jack-o-lanterns are some of the most festive Halloween decorations out there. And as they say, the bigger the better! However, if you’ve ever tried to carve a pumpkin bigger than your head, you know how challenging it can be. Digging out the inside makes a real mess, and unless you’re planning to plant an entire field of pumpkins, you’ll have to get rid of a lot of seeds. And the bigger the pumpkin, the thicker the rind, so even your biggest kitchen knife might not be quite up to the task of carving out a face. If you’d like to display some oversized glowing gourds this year, we have something to make the whole process much simpler!Design & DetailsSkip all the hard parts of the carving process with this 3 Pumpkins 4-foot Inflatable Halloween Lawn Decoration! This delightful piece was Made By Us so you could have the giant jack-o-lanterns without the giant mess. You can display it inside or outside, as long as you have somewhere to plug it in. And since this decoration blows away in the wind much more easily than real pumpkins, we recommend that you tie it down if it’s going outdoors. We hope this fun piece will be part of your décor for years to come!

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