5 Foot Tall Climbing Witch Wall Decoration | Halloween Decorations

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Another TryAnother Halloween, another crash. You’d think after meeting so many tree trunks, signposts, and broadsides of barns, the witch would give up. What are they doing anyway? Practicing for their broom-flying exam? It doesn’t seem like they’ll ever pass that hurdle. Alas, it seems this witch is a persistent one and not likely to stop pursuing whatever goal they have in mind. We suppose it should be admired. And perhaps even supported.Product DetailsHelp the world’s clumsiest witch accomplish something with this Climbing Witch Wall Halloween Decoration. Missing the classic broom and ready to try a new way of getting where they need to be, this goofy décor is a playful way to continue the silly Halloween tradition. Measuring 5 feet tall, this life-size fabric witch is sure to look like the real deal scaling your walls. Get your new accident-prone pal ready to climb by laying it flat and attaching the included hooks.A Witch’s WayMagic works in mysterious ways. Perhaps each collision of everyone’s favorite Halloween witch experiences has a purpose. It could be for the laughs. It may be for something more sinister. We may never know. But with this Climbing Witch Halloween Decoration in your collection, you’ll be able to watch their silly tale unfold!

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