5 x 20pk Halloween Trick Or Treat Cellophane Bags With Ties – Trick or Treat

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Product Highlights: Prepare for a spooktacular Halloween with our Halloween cellophane treat bags from Wicked Costumes Ltd. These bags are the perfect solution for filling with delicious sweets and chocolates, delighting trick-or-treaters and party guests alike. With five packs of twenty bags each, featuring either the ‘Trick or Treat’ or ‘Haunted House’ designs, you’ll have plenty to share. Each bag measures approximately 13 x 29cm and comes with a silver tie for easy closure. Elevate your Halloween experience with these versatile and festive treat bags. What’s Included: Five packs of twenty cellophane bags (100 bags total) Bags are available in either ‘Trick or treat’ or ‘Haunted House’ designs Each bag comes with a silver tie for secure closure Costume Description: Set of 100 Halloween cellophane treat bags Includes five packs of twenty bags each Bags are available in two spooky designs: ‘Trick or treat’ or ‘Haunted House’ Each bag measures approximately 13 x 29cm Features a silver tie for easy closure Care Instructions: To keep your Halloween cellophane treat bags in pristine condition, we recommend handling them with clean, dry hands. Avoid contact with liquids or sharp objects that may damage the bags. Store them in a cool, dry place to prevent any potential wrinkling or distortion. Enjoy filling them with your favourite Halloween treats and spreading the spooky joy! Theme Ideas: These Halloween cellophane treat bags are a must-have for various occasions and themes, including: Trick-or-treating on Halloween night, providing an exciting surprise for little ghouls and ghosts Adding an extra touch of Halloween fun to parties as party favours or table decorations Using them as Halloween-themed wedding favours to delight guests with a spooky twist No matter the event, these treat bags are sure to enhance the Halloween spirit and create memorable experiences for all. Story Behind the Theme: Halloween cellophane treat bags have become a popular tradition during Halloween festivities. They originated from the practice of trick-or-treating, where children would go door-to-door, collecting treats in their bags. Over time, treat bags have evolved into an essential part of Halloween celebrations, offering a convenient and fun way to share sweets and surprises with others. Today, they have become synonymous with Halloween and are cherished by trick-or-treaters and partygoers alike. Don’t Miss Out: Get your Halloween cellophane treat bags today and make this Halloween unforgettable! Visit www.xs-stock.co.uk to purchase these delightful bags from Wicked Costumes Ltd and elevate your Halloween experience with spooky sweetness.

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