6 Hanging Light Up Skulls Prop with Remote Control | Halloween Lights

346,00 kr.

Til butik


Creepy, but Make It Fun! Okay guys. We want to have the best Halloween decorations on the block. Let’s put our heads together and come up with a killer plan. What says “October” and “Spooky” better than anything else? Pumpkins? We like where your head is, Janice, but let’s think bigger! Scarier! But not too scary, because we don’t want to freak out the kids. Skeletons? We’re getting closer. Skulls! Great! Keeping it simple and classic. Skulls on their own could be a little too frightening, though. What if we – and stay with us here – LIT THEM UP?? How festive is that? Product Details If you want your Halloween to be creepy yet charming, look no further than these uniquely awesome Six Lighted Hanging Skulls Decoration with Remote Control! The mini skulls dangle from thin white strings attached to a single cord that you can hang anywhere you like. The yellow lights inside their eyes give off a warm October glow. The included remote has different settings to make the lights flash. You’ve never seen more playful bones! Batteries not included.

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