72″ Electric Inflatable Witches with Cauldron Halloween Prop | Inflatable Decorations

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Toil for Treats? Every year, folks around the world start on a grand adventure to acquire the most delicious treats that they can find. Perhaps they hit up the mall. Maybe they go door to door. We’ve heard rumors that some even risk knocking on the doors of mysterious mansions, reportedly home to wicked witches! Here’s the thing, though: witches are the ultimate authority when it comes to alchemy. They have all the tricks to make the best treats that anyone’s ever had! Do you have what it takes to really stir up some trouble!? Product DetailsShow your community a bowl of fun that’s way bigger than the average bundle. With this 6′ Electric Inflatable Witches and Cauldron Halloween prop, you’ll have a trio of spellcasters ready to serve up the treats. Their Jack-o-lantern masks have them in the right spirit for the holiday and the directions on the cauldron will have the kids knowing exactly what to do next! No Bubbles RequiredYou probably know the magic words to make a cauldron work. But you won’t need to recite any of them this time around. Flip a switch to give life to these witches and bring some otherworldly fun to your Halloween decor.

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