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Can’t Fight this Feeling There is no better era for rock music than the 80’s, period. It was the time of big hair, even bigger stage personalities, and just a crazy amount of leather pants. You were never quite sure what you were going to get when you went to a concert – someone biting the head off of a bat, maybe, or flying through the air suspended on a cord – but you knew that the music was going to be awesome and you were going to have a great time. Just listening to your favorite rock songs on the radio got you fired up to rock and roll all night, and party every day! Product DetailsIf you wanna rock, you definitely need this exclusive 80’s Rocker Costume for Men! The outfit includes a short blue poly-cotton vest with distressed armholes and a button snap closure. Decorative patches, including a smiley face and a star, are sewn to the vest’s front. The red polyester pants are printed all over with a pattern of black leopard-style spots and is also decorated with patches. The black belt has a large faux buckle on the front and fastens in the back with a hook and loop closure. Go Ahead and Jump A subpar Halloween costume? We’re not gonna take it! Defend yourself against a boring holiday by dressing up in this fun costume that is guaranteed to make you look amazing whether you’re joining your friends for a party or electrifying a crowd of thousands at a huge stadium venue! You’ll feel the noise as though you’re a real rock god.

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