A League Of Their Own Jimmy Costume

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TIME BENDING BASEBALL AT ITS BESTNow, here’s a pretty fun one to wrap your mind around! A League of Their Own gave us an amazing experience in prying open the window and seeing some of what it was like for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, but the more we think about it, the more we can baffle our minds with some of the time jumps we’re making to bring it back into reality now so you can have a league of your own! First, we’re looking at a film made in 1992 that begins being set in 1988 until we flash back to 1943 where a 36-year-old Jimmy Dugan helps the Rockford Peaches aim for victory amidst the World War II baseball diversions! But, now, some 26 years after the film, we’re still fascinated by the events and trying to keep those moments alive. And, the best way to do that is to offer the experience to our little tykes as they start up their own leagues, too! FUN DETAILSSo, let’s set up your little toddler to jump through who knows how many time gates we’ve talking to shine as the head coach of the Rockford Peaches! We’ve got the gear already primed with this exclusive and officially licensed A League of Their Own Toddler Jimmy Dugan Costume! We’re not precisely sure how a kiddo fits into our time loops, but it won’t even matter when you see how adorable your tyke is in this baseball regalia featuring the bright red “R,” embroidered patches, and vintage baseball style. Loops and elastic help to keep everything fitting well and the combo of knee-high socks and knee-length pants are almost too much to bear! THE YOUNGEST COACH EVER!Your tyke is going to make history (again) when the Rockford Peaches get ready to go up to the bat in this modern age. Get your bat and ball because… Batter up! Hear that call! The time has come for one and all to plaaaaay ball!

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