Adult Aladdin (Animated) Genie Inflatable Costume

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Three WishesThe Genie might be ready to grant you three wishes as soon as he appears out of his lamp but he still has rules. There’s no asking for more wishes. No bringing people back from the dead. No magicking people into falling in love. Even with those restrictions, the Genie is a pretty great friend to have!If you had a Genie’s lamp in your hands, what would you wish for? Would you wish for whatever came to mind first? Or maybe you would think about what your wishes would be for a long time. There’s no time limit on those three wishes, after all. You could have that lamp for decades! Of course, that wouldn’t be nearly as interesting a story as the Aladdin tale. Just in case you do find a magic lamp, you should prepare yourself. Get the inside wish-making scoop and step into Genie’s shoes with this inflatable costume! One night as Genie and you’ll have all your wishes planned. Costume DetailsThis classic Genie costume from Disney’s 1992 Aladdin will delight people of all ages. The easy inflatable design is instantly eye-catching. A blue backdrop hides your feet and lets your legs move freely. Setting up the costume is easier than you might think. Add batteries to the battery pack in its own interior pocket to run the fan and keep your costume for your whole event. A large clear mouth allows you to see clearly enough to navigate your way through a party. Visibility may be limited so we wouldn’t recommend driving a magic carpet while wearing this disguise!With Friends Like TheseYou’ve never had a friend like Genie so why not become him? Pair him with other characters from Aladdin for a group or family costume. We carry Jasmine, Aladdin, and even Jafar costumes for a range of ages. It’s time to bring the magic of Agrabah right to your door!

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