Adult Avocado Costume | Funny Avocado Costumes for Adults

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AVOCADOS Are you tired of seeing the same old superhero costumes every Halloween? These big heroic men walk around with a cape and a weapon, looking for bad guys to fight, completely ignoring one of our biggest enemies – bad health! But guess what, when you dress up as an avocado, you won’t be making the same mistake. You see unhealthy diets for the evil they are, and you are here to put a stop to this madness. You don’t fight with your hands or your pit; you don’t even fight with your mind. You fight with something these other superheroes could never offer us: a healthy serving of nutrients! When you show up, you hit the bad guys with a refreshing dose of Vitamin C and Potassium! Then you’ll follow up with a one-two punch made up of Folate and Vitamin E. You will be out there saving the world one avocado at a time. You will be a true hero! FUN DETAILS This costume is simple. It’s a tunic made out of polyester and foam that has been detailed to look just like an avocado! The pit on your stomach can even be stuffed to give it shape, we recommend newspapers for best results. It slips over your neck and has holes for your arms and torso. We recommend that you wear clothing underneath because as you can see, it doesn’t cover you all that well on its own. It might not be your typical hero costume, but a typical hero is not what the people need! AVOCADO MANWhen you go out in your avocado costume, it will become your duty to educate the world on the health benefits of avocados. People need to hear this, and who better to hear it from than a walking, talking avocado? Good luck out there, people are depending on you!

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