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Seasons of FunBuddy the Elf is all about the holidays. Christmas time and spreading cheer is his whole deal! So when he goes to explore a place that is quite different from the North Pole, he’s more than ready to show New York City all about Polar pleasantries! But what do you think would have happened if he arrived outside of December? We suspect the story might have been pretty similar.Sure, everyone else might not have been thinking about Christmas, but there are plenty of other holidays that we expect Buddy would love just as much… even if he’d probably have a Wintery spin on the event. Talk about Christmas in July. That’s really thinking “Independently!” Halloween would be perfect since everyone loves dressing up. And Easter treats? We don’t even have to say how much he’d be in for some sweet celebrations, there!Fun DetailsNo matter the reason for your celebration, this Buddy the Elf costume is going to ensure that everyone’s favorite thing is smiling! Get ready with a big grin because this officially licensed look starts with a bright green fleece tunic, trimmed with brilliant white sherpa cuffs. Embroidered details feature leaves, vines, and festive fun winding their way up the center front, too!Accessorize with the included faux leather belt and its brassy buckle and keep things shining with the sun-colored tights. (All you’ll need to do there is add a pair of curly elf shoes to really bring the look together.) We’re topping the outfit off with a fleece hat featuring foam backing to ensure its shape stays festive while the felt faux feather serves as a final highlight. Combine this with a Santa costume or any other holiday outfit for a truly fun time.

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