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Nature is astonishing in just how freaking many creatures it has come up with. Pick a place–any place-and there are going to be so many different looking critters that you’d be lucky to name off even everything in a mile radius, even if you used your toes to count them out! So, it goes without saying that we look to nature for lots of inspiration whenever we’re trying to figure out how to tackle a particular task. It’s only natural, after all!Now, there are a ton of creatures that stand out and call our attentions. Obviously we’ve got the lions, the literal kings of the animal kingdom. And, we couldn’t ignore the house cat if we wanted to, given how it’s become the literal king of the Internet. Dogs as Man’s Best Friend and the penguin as the best dressed at all the animal world award shows… even though we think the peacock makes for an excellent show, too. But, among them all, there is one that stands out for how flawlessly it blends in! We’re talking, of course, about the astounding critter that can become anything it wants!What better come Halloween time when you are trying to think of the perfect costume to let you hit up every quality you’re aiming for than the creature that can look like anything. You can join in the blending party with this Adult Chameleon costume. The jumpsuit zips up in the back and features the perfect camouflaged colorization and wire-framed stuffed tail and soft-sculpted bugged-out eyes on the hood to transform you fully into our reptilian riot. Now, actually changing your own colors apparently required a few genetic tricks, but we have faith in you. In the meantime, just practices your blending poses. We’re sure everyone will play along.

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