Adult Cow Costume Romper

314,00 kr.

Til butik


Don’t Have A Cow, Be OneUsually, if somebody asks, “Were you raised in a barn?”, they mean to insult you. However, this Halloween you can happily answer with a resounding, “YES” when you go out wearing this exclusive Adult Cow Costume Romper. Nobody parties like a farm animal and you can prove it this year. Keep the fun going until the cows come home! Literally… Show everyone how to really moo-ve it out on the dance floor. Raise the steaks while you play some of those classic party games. Leave everyone udderly afraid when you tell them a spooky slaughterhouse story. You’ll have everyone over the moon when you show up to the Halloween celebration dressed as America’s most lovable farm animal. So we suggest you milk it for all it’s worth!Cow-stume DetailsThis adorable costume comes from our very own Made By Us collection. It’s the perfect blend of cute and stylish that makes it the perfect fit for your next Halloween costume. It is designed with a hood, long sleeves, and no pants legs whatsoever. So while it will keep you nice and warm on those chillier nights, you’ll still be able to show off your legs!This entire romper is covered in an all-over print pattern of black spots like that of a dairy cow. The cuffs on the sleeves are all black like a cow’s hooves. A tail with a fluffy faux fur tip is attached to the back of this costume, while the hood features a pair of adorable floppy cow ears as well as two horns. The last and also possibly the cutest detail we’d like to mention is the zipper. Its pull is shaped like a charming little cowbell!

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