Adult Deluxe Frog Costume

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Green PonderingsWe all know what “they” say about being green, don’t we? It is not easy…unless, that is, you decide to pull on this Adult Deluxe Frog Costume! That’s the saying, right?In all honesty, we guess that truly being green is probably harder than you’d think. After all, it is never that simple to look different from the crowd. And green, as a color palette, just doesn’t go with everything. Unless you’re a famed witch or, say, a totally independent, free-thinking lil’ froggy, being green is gonna be tough. Good thing this ensemble allows you to find your inner “ribbit” and hop to the beat of your own…uh…frog. You’ll be such a hit you’re bound to be followed around all night by starstruck fans, hoping to kiss you. We know. We SAID it wouldn’t be easy. We hope you’re ready.Design & DetailsYou’ll be so cozy in this full bodysuit’s padded belly and attached gloves, how can innocent bystanders be expected to resist cuddling up to you? So, go on! Pull this frog-head hood up, secure the web-feet boot covers, and, well, you may want to brush up on a few of your favorite childhood rainbow-themed tunes, because this costume is a nostalgia-meets-cuddle fest waiting to happen. So maybe this whole being green thing isn’t so hard after all?

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