Adult DJ Marshmello Costume

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Why Be Famous When You Could Be Ignored?Fame is a fickle mistress. Some superstars are seduced by their own glory into doing things they wouldn’t do as a mere mortal. Unfortunately, their less-than-amazing moments are often well-documented simply because they are so famous. There’s a reason that YouTube has a “Celebrities’ Dumbest Moments” channel.If you’ve ever daydreamed about how wonderful it would be to have rockstar-level fame, think again. Maybe adoring fans don’t fall at your feet, but at least you can go to the grocery store in pajama pants, socks, and flip-flops without having your picture wind up in the next day’s National Enquirer. One DJ is especially aware of fame’s Catch-22 nature and came up with a genius idea. He wears a costume that gets the fame, while his own face remains anonymous! Sounds like the best of both worlds to us!Product DetailsMake the crowds go wild – and keep your anonymity! – in this officially licensed DJ Marshmello Costume! You’ll be a secret sensation when you pull on the signature molded plastic mask with inner foam padding and mesh-covered eye openings (careful when you dance to your tunes, because the mesh may restrict vision!) The matching long-sleeved, rib-knit shirt has a bat printed on the front and “Keep It Mello” on the back. Throw on some white pants and sneakers and you’ll be ready to rock!Joytime for All!There will be no “Silence” when you wear your DJ Marshmello getup. Even the paparazzi “Wolves” will howl with glee and sing along! Your “Friends” will all be “Happier” that you came to their party dressed as everyone’s favorite DJ and you’ll never be “Alone” again!

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