Adult Dr. Seuss Grinch Open Face Costume

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Welcome Christmas….Bah, Humbug!Grrr, it’s Christmastime again! That means hunkering down on your snowy mountaintop and glaring at all of the Who-dwellers down in their cozy and merry little town. They’re chopping down a town Christmas tree to decorate, festooning their houses with bingle balls and Whofoo fluff and bizilbiks and wums…whatever those are. And they’re cooking up a feast big enough to feed everyone for a month, complete with Who-pudding and rare Who roast beast. And once again, they didn’t invite you! No wonder you’re so determined to wreck their celebration until you learn that Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more than bingle balls and presents. You turn into an accidental hero and the Whos remember to invite ALL their neighbors. Everyone wins! Product Details Be the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile in this officially licensed Dr. Seuss Grinch Open Face Costume for Adults! The jumpsuit-style outfit zips up the front so that you can get into it quickly when you’re preparing to go rob the Whos. The one-piece design is perfect for sliding down a chimney, too, and the fabric is cozy green faux fur that mimics the Grinch’s fur. Matching shoe covers hide your everyday footwear and matching gloves ensure that you won’t leave fingerprints in the Whos’ houses as you steal their last can of Who-hash. The headpiece fastens under the chin, leaving an opening for your full face. Welcome Christmas – For Real This Time!Now that your heart has grown three sizes, you can look forward to next Christmas with real anticipation! Maybe your own home will feature some patookas and pankunas and you can host the Whos’ feast. Anything’s possible when the magic of Christmas enters your heart!

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