Adult Eggplant Costume for Adults

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The Tastiest NightshadeEggplant is delicious, and it can be used for anything. Seriously. Eggplant parmesan, baba ghanoush, chicken stuffed eggplant, creamed eggplant, baked eggplant fries…you get it. It’s good. But here’s the best part: eggplant is technically a fruit, not a vegetable! Meaning you could even put it in a fruit salad. Obviously, we love eggplant, you love eggplant, it’s pretty beloved all around. Well, here’s one more thing the tasty aubergine is good for: a great costume! That’s right, pick up this Adult Eggplant Costume and see just how perfect this fruit is for your next costume party.In this awesome look, you’ll feel right at home describing the nutritional value of eggplant to all your friends (good source of dietary fiber), while maybe even serving them fried eggplant poppers! They might think you’ve gone a little overboard, but we say you can never have too much eggplant in your life. And we’re never wrong. Almost never.Fun DetailsIt’s said that eggplant is named as such because it has the shape of an egg. Makes sense to us. But either way, this costume is instantly recognizable by its dark purple color and unique eggplant-esque shape. The costume itself is a foam-backed hooded sleeveless tunic secured with a back zipper. The front pouch can be stuffed with tissue for more fullness, and the top of the hood boasts is a green felt calyx and stem. Yum! Costumes don’t come much tastier than this one! A Thick SkinIf you’re going to dress like your favorite veget…er…fruit, than you better toughen up. Eggplants have a thick skin, so you may have to let a few comments roll off your back from friends who think you’ve gone a little eggplant crazy lately. Our suggestion: just keep exploring those eggplant based recipes and the complicated depths of this wonderful fruit!

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