Adult Frog Onesie Costume

346,00 kr.

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Thanks, Wicked Witch! When the evil sorceress first turned you into a reptile, you were pretty bummed. The wet skin and lily pad bed took a little getting used to. But then you realized that you were completely free from adulting! No classes, no work, no awkward social interactions – it’s pretty amazing. And now that you’ve gotten a TV installed in your swamp, you can stay home and catch up on your favorite shows in comfort. Product DetailsYou might be perfectly happy as a frog, but you can still let all princesses (or princes!) know that they’re welcome to kiss you when you’re dress in this exclusive Frog Onesie Costume for Adults! The unisex onesie zips up the front and is made of nice, soft green fabric – no slimy skin here! A cream-colored fabric oval decorates the front of the torso, and the arms and legs are printed with large, dark green polka dots. Pull up the attached hood to show off the soft-sculpted frog eyes and embroidered frog face! Hopping Along Other frogs enjoy flies, gnats, and the occasional centipede, but you’re a frog of discerning taste. You prefer crunchy snacks, salty popcorn, and other delicious goodies. You can decide whether to invite friends over to camp out at your lily pad, or whether to go out to that party you were asked to join. You’ll be dressed for total comfort whichever you decide. (But don’t go near any witches. They might decide to change you back into a human.)

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