Adult Gaston Costume from Beauty and the Beast

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With Beauty and Brawn…Who needs brains? If Gaston had stayed in his lane, he probably would have done pretty well for himself. His spitting skills and antler decorating game certainly made him rather popular in his home town. Who wouldn’t be happy going to a pub in which people make songs about how great you are? But Gaston had to have things his way. He had to get the girl, even though he didn’t like her personality. And if we learned anything, if you’re going on a beast hunt, make sure that you don’t go after one that lives in a castle. Because there’s nothing more dangerous than a monster with money. If you’re ready to take on the beauty and brawn of this Disney hunk, then you’ll love this costume. Maybe you’re not the hero of the story, but at least people think you’re cool, right?Product DetailsGet all of Gaston’s hunk without downing four dozen raw eggs a day. Officially licensed from Beauty and the Best, this costume includes a red tunic with fiberfill to give you some serious muscles. The tunic is cinched in the back and secures up the back with hook and loop fastener strips. This costume has gold accents such as the wide collar that matches the wide cuffed gloves. Completed with black pants and boot covers that can be cinched over whatever shoes you choose. Got Any Eggs?Taking on Gaston’s personality is not for the faint of heart. As you’re waiting for this costume to arrive, prepare yourself by primping in mirrors, giving yourself compliments out loud, and walking around with your chest puffed out. One more tip? If you’re going to down four dozen eggs a morning to make yourself the size of a barge, be sure to cook them first!

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