Adult Giant Alien Inflatable Costume

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Big Green Men?The idea that aliens could be “little green men” has been around since the early days of science fiction-and maybe before. Our research teams haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly where this stereotype came from, but it’s certainly hard to deny that it’s stuck around over the years! Sometimes these aliens are portrayed as tiny imps that just want to cause mischief, but in other stories, their intentions are more malicious. However, we think it would be extra scary if aliens were giant. If you’re looking for a fun but possibly unsettling costume this year, we think a big green being is the way to go!Product DetailsLet your imagination roam with a costume that’s literally larger than life! This Giant Alien Inflatable Adult Costume has the potential to be extremely entertaining or totally terrifying. (If you’re really good, it can be both.) This inflatable suit will let you do your best impression of an extraterrestrial, but it still has an opening for your face, so you won’t crash your spaceship. (And so you can reassure any of your conspiracy theorist friends that yes, it’s really you in there.) Put on the costume and power up the fan to inflate it, and you’ll be ready to break out some dance moves that are out of this world!

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