Adult Green Colonial Costume | Historical Costumes

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Colonial Etiquette 101Before regular baths, indoor lighting, and other modern niceties were available, etiquette was much more strict. Maybe this was to make people feel fancy, even while stepping through who-knows-what in the streets and picking bugs out of their wigs. For instance, children were instructed to never approach their parents without bowing first. And even then, they had to address good ol’ mom and dad as sir or madam!George Washington transcribed party fouls such as, “lift not one eyebrow higher than the other” and “it is bad manners to cross your legs.” Honestly, we’re not sure if he’d be cool with our conversation style. Still, all judgment aside, it’s good to know how to act while wearing this Colonial Costume. And if someone catches you raising an eyebrow, perhaps they’ll let you get away with it due to your dapper duds!Design & DetailsThis high-quality Made By Us faux suede ensemble will have you thanking your lucky stars for modern conveniences such as mirrors and cameras because it would be a shame if you couldn’t take in your colonial splendor! The brown vest panels are attached to the jacket so that getting dressed is a snap. Add your own white collared shirt and tie the satin neck scarf as you see fit! Topped off with a tricorn hat, your historic costume will look spiffy in 1700’s style as soon as it’s out of the bag!Revving for RevolutionOnce you’re in this costume, you’ll almost feel ready to take up your quill and pen a strongly worded letter to King George! Just add a pair of knee-high socks that you can tuck into your pantaloons, a pair of pilgrim shoes, and maybe even a wig if you’re feeling fancy. Once you’re suited up, who knows what will happen! Just be sure and take a few rules from George Washington’s notes and keep those legs uncrossed!

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