Adult Green Iguana Kigurumi Costume

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Master of DisguiseMagically transforming into an iguana would be the ideal solution for getting out of situations you don’t want to be in. Let’s say you’re at a costume party and you see an acquaintance who you just know is dying to tell you all about their relationship history from the last three months (there’s more than you’d think) down to her most recent selfie with her current boyfriend. Wish you could hide? Now you can! Simply activate your camouflage skin that has been confusing scientists for decades and blend into your surroundings. Your appetizer plate might get stolen because everyone thinks that it’s sitting by itself, but that’s a small price to pay. Product DetailsThis awesome Green Iguana Adult Kigurumi might not have camouflage power, but it does have the power to make you feel super snuggly and look super fun! The one-piece outfit is made of soft, green polyester fleece and buttons up the front for easy dressing. Rib knit ankle and wrists cuffs lock in heat for extra coziness. Scale-like graphics decorate the legs and arms, while a zig-zag edged chest frill embellishes the front. Attached mitts with soft-sculpted claws keep your hands warm. The attached hood features iguana facial features as well as a long fabric tongue. Side seam pockets make this outfit fun AND practical!Hiding in Plain Sight Would you rather stay in and watch your latest reality tv obsession than go out and be social? No problem! Slip into your iguana kigurumi and do your best to blend into the couch. Maybe no one will spot you.

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