Adult Inflatable Cow Costume

377,00 kr.

Til butik


Udderly DelightfulYou know what we think? We think that cows don’t get enough attention. Old MacDonald is all about his ducks and chickens. Storybooks are always written about pigs and horses. What about the cows? Those sweet, innocent bovines? Don’t they deserve to get a bit of attention too? We think they do. Apparently, they’re super sweet and good-natured. Like a dog, but giant and always mooing. They have friendly faces, a gentle demeanor, and they give us delicious milk. What’s not to love?We love them so much that we’re staring a world-wide cow-campaign. Even if you’ve never even seen or met a cow, we encourage you to join in our herd of fun. We like to visit cows, pet cows, play cow games, learn about cows… it’s really quite the club. We even have costume parties every Halloween that are cow themed. How awesome is that? Answer: Very.Fun DetailsAs a matter of fact, you’re invited! You don’t need to join the club yet or anything. Just show up in your best cow-inspired outfit. Maybe something like this Inflatable Cow Adult Costume? This costume is made entirely out of windbreaker material and is printed in the lovely white-and-black splotches of our beloved cows. There’s a zipper up the front, with a hook-and-loop closure at the neck. The hood is designed to look like a cute little cow face, complete with ears, horns, snout, and elastic around the face to not let any air out. There are also drawstring cords at the wrists and ankles to help your cow stay happily plump. Just turn on the fan and instant adorable cow! (batteries not included)Cowing AroundJust don’t be surprised if you show up to our party in this outfit and everyone is immediately cooing at you and trying to pet you. We can’t help it. We love cows.

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