Adult Inflatable Fox Costume

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Feelin’ FoxyThere’s more than one way to feel foxy in life! Of course, there’s the way we all think of when we hear the phrase. To feel foxy is to feel fiiiine, like you’re looking good and everyone knows it. It’s a special strut, a flick of the hips, an outfit that makes you feel fabulous wherever you go. And then…there’s this kind of foxy. Trust us, when you slip into this Adult Inflatable Fox Costume, you will feel like a fox, for sure. But you may not feel “foxy.” See what we mean? This costume will put you right into the action of life as a fun and friendly fox, from the adorable ears to the tip of the tail. And you know what? We think feeling this kind of foxy is even better! It’s hilarious, it’s enjoyable, and it’s bound to make you the life of the party this Halloween. And who knows, maybe you’ll feel like struttin’ around and flicking your tail, too!Product DetailsThough it transforms you completely, this costume is a cinch to wear. It has a built-in battery pack and a fan to keep your foxy guise up and running all Halloween long! Once you inflate it, you’ll find yourself encased in an orange fox body, complete with black-tipped ears, a white-tipped tail, and cute black paws. The fox’s face is situated right above the cutout for your own, so you can still eat, drink, and be merry this holiday.Forest FriendsWhether you opt to go solo or join up with a bunch of forest friends this Halloween, this costume will have you feelin’ foxy in a whole new way.

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