Adult Inflatable Funny Prancing Unicorn Costume

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Unicorn SpeakLet’s talk unicorns for a minute. Well, we could talk unicorns for hours, but we’ll keep it short! We really wanted to grow up to be one. You know, pure white coat, rainbow mane, and a majestic horn on the top of our head. We dreamed of frolicking through green meadows as our rainbow mane fluttered in the wind behind us. We dreamed of having unmatched magical powers and we wanted to go on grand adventures, just like the ones described in fantasy books. Unfortunately, life took its course and to make a long story short, we never did get to become a unicorn. We’re just as normal as ever, but we want to help others achieve their dream! Perhaps you could become a unicorn, even if we never got the chance! All you need is this Inflatable Prancing Unicorn Costume.Product DetailsThis adult costume is the easiest way to transform yourself into the mythical creature! The costume is a simple polyester jumpsuit made of a windbreaker style material. It has a rainbow-colored tail, with matching accents on the feet, arms, and head. It fits with a zipper and has a small fan housed in the side. The elastic in the head, arms, and legs help create an airtight seal, so all you have to do is flip the switch for the fan and the costume will self-inflate in just a few minutes. Of course, you won’t be quite as graceful as a real unicorn when you wear you wear this costume, but you will be almost just as magical!Maximize Your Frolic TimeIf you’ve always wanted to become a unicorn, like us, then this costume is a dream come true! If you just want an excuse to frolic through meadows for a few hours, then this costume is also for you!

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