Adult Inflatable Red Dinosaur Costume

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Clever GirlSick of costumes that require pounds of greasy makeup, hot, sweaty layers of fabric, or are impossible to remove without help? Or maybe you’re trying to avoid direct contact with people, especially these days. Short people, rejoice–finally, a costume that will make you seem tall! This inflatable, fan-powered red dinosaur costume has everything even the most particular costume-seeker needs. Plus, who doesn’t love dinosaurs!?Product DetailsThis inflatable costume runs on a battery-operated fan (4 AAs, not included, so don’t forget to grab a pack!) The dinosaur’s body is actually a bodysuit that is easily zipped up or down with a pull tab on the inside. No dino wrangler needed to get in our out. Elastic bands at the ankles make walking around a cinch. Your feet, hands, and head are fully enclosed inside the costume, keeping you safe from germs, melted candy, or other risky Halloween hazards. A clear vinyl panel in the dino’s mouth gives clear access to everything happening around you. But you won’t need to look around much. Everyone else will be too busy getting out of your way as you (now a 7-foot-tall prehistoric predator) dominate the party. Watch out–there’s a tail, too!Trick-or-T-RexThe t-rex was the king of the dinosaurs. This huge inflatable costume will make you the king of Halloween. It’s big, bright, and airy, and who doesn’t love dressing up as their favorite dino? The only challenge you’ll have now is how to hold all your candy with your little t-rex arms.

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