Adult Inflatable Rocket Ship Costume

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Three, Two, One, Blast Off!Life holds endless situations that would be SO much easier if they came with a rapid means of getaway. Remember last Christmas when your great-aunt Mabel Louise sat you down and asked you why you weren’t married yet and if she could set you up with a darling girl she knows who pet-sits for her sister? “I’m pretty sure she has 17 cats, but she seems just lovely.” Or maybe that morning when you showed up to class with the Irish flu and your professor called on you to answer a question about the assigned reading that you definitely did not read? Or what about the day your boss showed up at your desk five minutes before quittin’ time and wanted to tell you, in detail, about his last golf game? All we’re saying is that each of those situations would have been so much better if you could have launched yourself into space at the first sign of trouble. Product DetailsFly high on Halloween thanks to this exclusive Inflatable Adult Rocket Ship Costume! The silver and red rocket-shaped bodysuit slips on over your street clothes and has an attached fan to inflate it to size. It features arm and leg holes, and a “viewing port” covered in clear material so that you can see where you’re flying. Choose Your Space MissionThe best part about dressing as a rocket is being able to go where you like, whenever you like. If you’re not feeling like continuing small talk, initiate fuel thrusters! If you see an attractive person across the room whom you just HAVE to talk to, blast off in their direction! The sky is the limit for you.

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