Adult Inflatable T-Rex Costume | Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

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A Dream Come TrueFor years, you’ve lived in shame. You had a goal as a kid. Become a T-Rex. Totally fair dream, one that we can all relate to! But, at a certain point, all the historic lore and scientific evidence did its work and convinced you that sudden genetic alterations weren’t going to just happen and it turns out that there are loads of international laws against turning into an evil dinosaur scientist bent on tyrannosauric transformations. But, don’t be too upset. While the days of rampaging across the country as a reptilian wonder might be just outside your grasp, even still, there are ways that you can get close enough to feel the thrill and impress all your friends and family.Product DetailsLet havoc loose when you climb into this Inflatable Adult T-Rex Costume. This unique and terrifying costume is an inflatable jumpsuit that has a zipper closure at front and elastic at the wrists and ankles to keep the air in and to keep you looking just like a T-Rex. Even though you are supposed to be a scary dinosaur, we wanted to make sure you could still see when you walk around this Halloween (or just down the street on a random Tuesday-we don’t judge), so there’s a clear vinyl port at the neck of the T-Rex so you can see your ‘dinner’ clearly. The fan that keeps you inflated-your costume, not your ego-requires four AA batteries that are not included with the costume (silly shipping regulations). Enjoy your night out on the town as the T-Rex you’ve always wanted to be with this dinosaur costume!More Dinosaur IdeasTeam up with your friends and family in true dinosaur style when you combine this Inflatable Dinosaur costume with our other options. You can have an entire host of prehistoric fun for any costume event and remind everyone of the dreams we’ve all had time time to time!

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