Adult Jurassic World 2 Triceratops Inflatable Costume

776,00 kr.

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If you like people to clear a path and step aside as you walk into a room, then this is the costume for you! Dressed in this officially licensed Jurassic World 2 inflatable triceratops outfit, you are impossible to ignore, and while you’re not quite life-size, you’re probably going to be the biggest character at the party! The polyester suit is inflated with two battery operated fans that each require 4 x AA batteries (8 batteries in total, not included) and has elastic around the wrists/elbows and ankles to help keep the air inside. Once zipped inside, your legs create the triceratops’ front legs, with the inflated body, back legs, and tail sticking out behind you. The huge crested head with three impressive horns creates space for the top half of your body, and a clear plastic window between the printed yellow eyes lets you see out. There’s no end to the devastation you might “accidentally” cause in this get up, but if you’re worried about your bum looking big in it, then this is not for you! Product code: TP3103
Contents: Inflatable Suit, 2 battery packs and fans (no batteries included)

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