Adult Jurassic World Blue Velociraptor Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

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Blue to the Rescue Dinosaurs are huge, ferocious creatures who absolutely dominated the prehistoric world. They’re definitely not pets – but could they be friends? There was no way to know until their DNA was extracted from amber and they burst into the modern mainland. And it turns out that if you treat them nicely and are respectful of their sharp ends, they actually don’t mind hanging out with the occasional human or two. They might even help you survive an Indominous Rex attack. Product DetailsHumans and dinos, watch out! This officially licensed Jurassic World Blue Inflatable Costume for Adults is the predator to reckon with in this new world order. The one-piece costume is made of sturdy windbreaker fabric that covers you from head to toe. When fully inflated, it resembles a huge raptor with a long tail, silvery claws, and a fanged mouth open in a roar. The neck has a clear plastic panel through which you can see where you’re going. A fan is mounted behind the right hip. *BURP* OopsEver since dinos were re-released into the wild, they’ve been mingling with humans. You might see a pterodactyl flying overhead with a flock of geese, or an Allosaurus in the parking lot at your local grocery store (throw your steak at it and run). If you spot Blue in the wild, you’ve got a better chance than most at escaping with all of your fingers and toes intact…as long as she’s not feeling hungrier than ususal.

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