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Delightful DinosaursDepending on your source, you might be under the assumption that dinosaurs are scary. Rabid reptiles running around the town, terrifying the tourists and nibbling on the neighbors? Well, we’re here to show that there are plenty of dinosaurs out there who are well-meaning, kindly, and even can contribute to society! Let’s be honest-even when dinosaurs are scary, we all still sorta love them. Whether we started as a little dinosaur encyclopedia or only turned onto our prehistoric pals once we were adults, we could all use a bit of reptilian fun. It’s time to evolve your outfits and let loose the fun in a truly tyrannosauric way! Fun DetailsSince we all know that you’re a fan of dinosaurs, we suspect you’ll love this Plus Size Inflatable T-Rex costume. Hop into the jumpsuit and zip yourself in. Secure your wrists and ankles in the elastic cuffs, pop in a few of your own AA batteries, and then flip on the fan at your side. In no time, you’ll be transformed into the dinosaur that you’ve always dreamed of being. A clear vinyl panel at the dino’s neck allows for free vision and the lightweight nature of the costume will keep you hopping wherever you want to go! Whether you’re aiming to win a costume contest or bring a little of history into the present day at a book club or school event for the kids, this is a perfect way to dive into prehistoric times!More Dinosaur IdeasYou might be wondering what else you can do with an inflatable dinosaur costume. Well, the options are practically limitless. Since they’ve been gone for millions of years, dinosaurs have a lot of stuff to catch up on! Accessorize your look with oversized clothing or unique addons and you can suddenly have an Astronaut Dinosaur or a Pop Star T-Rex!

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