Adult Plus Size Rodeo Cowboy Costume

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In the Old West, cowboys fought outlaws either when it made their job easier, or because they believed it was the right thing to do. It was a dangerous business, so they had to know what kind of cowboy they were before heading out on the range. What kind would you want to be? This exclusive Plus Size Rodeo Cowboy costume could be the dashing look that helps you decide! When you’re watching a western, you’ll see two types of cowboys. The first are gritty gunslingers who may be the good guys, but not necessarily “good” guys. They have weather-beaten faces, sun-faded clothes, and well-used revolvers on their hips. Actually, they don’t look much different than the outlaws they fight. The second type of cowboys, the handsome, dashing variety, wear brightly decorated outfits, carry shiny Peacemakers, and ride valiantly on majestic horses! They always come out on top, too, because it’s so easy for them to find the bad guys, who are often dressed in black from head to toe, and have sinister looking mustaches. The gritty type is closer to how real-life wranglers were back in the old days, but sometimes a debonair Hollywood cowboy is needed to save the day. We’ve designed this costume with the heroic variety in mind, so you’ll definitely look like one of the good guys if you decide that’s the style of cowpoke that’s right for you. The rugged-looking faux leather pieces and accessories give you the appearance of a tough but honorable cattleman. Be sure to work on your ambling walk and cocky banter, and you’ll be the hero of the Old West costume party!

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