Adult Pokémon Snorlax Costume

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The Wild Snorlax Used Rest!You booted up the TM44, Rest! Do you want to forget a move to make room to learn Rest?Why not be on the top of your napping game? Napping all day takes practice and patience — unless you have the TM, of course. If you’re ready to train for some serious hibernation, you’ll want to channel Snorlax, the Pokémon known ’round the globe for its proficient snoozing. You might already relate to this laid-back monster. At the same time, he’s a rather elusive creature, shying away from trainers so he can keep doing what he does best. Next time you’re looking at a rainy weekend with nothing to do, get into character when you button yourself into this utterly cozy Pokémon costume.Design & DetailsYou can rest easy knowing that you’ve got one of the best Pokémon around when you hop into this Adult Snorlax Pokémon Costume. A great catch, Snorlax is happy to hang when you’re taking some serious downtime on the weekend. Heading to a Halloween party? You’ll look right at home munching at the snack table in this look, no awkward small talk required. Try to avoid parking yourself in front of the refridgerator, though. The snacks and drinks are in there, and you might not be able to get away with it like Snorlax! Maybe now people take you seriously when you list napping as one of your favorite hobbies. It’s these little things that make it great to have Snorlax on your side!

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