Adult Prestige Cookie Monster Costume

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So you fancy yourself a dessert connoisseur, do you? Think you can tell the best pastries apart? You know all of your cookies backwards and forwards?Well good for you, but don’t get too confident. Competition for the replacement Cookie Monster isn’t as easy as that. This is a cut-throat competition to find the soul who can ingest the most cookies. Who can tell chocolate chip and chocolate chunk apart by feel. Who knows the subtle aromatic differences between oatmeal raisin and oatmeal cranberry. We hope you came prepared with any and all cookie knowledge you have. You’re going to need it.Your competitors are the best we’ve seen in years. Their sensitive palettes and insatiable appetites are astounding. We only hope your love for cookies is just as great… if not greater if you want to win. You might need to bring some strategy to the tasting table. For example, dressing the part could give you a leg-up on the competition. Say, if you arrived to the contest in this Prestige Cookie Monster Costume? It’s a full fuzzy blue jumpsuit, complete with stuffed foam head with iconic Cookie Monster eyes (don’t worry, there’s a mesh bit for you to see through). Surely wearing this will get you in the right frame of mind so you can go for the win. Now, where’d our welcome cookies go?

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