Adult Robin Green Costume Gloves

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Putting on the GlovesGotham City is dirty. It needs a bit of cleaning up… and we’re not talking about soap and water here. We’re talking about every manner of villain, thug, and maybe even a crazy clown or two. It’s up to Batman and Robin to take out the trash, but do you think the dynamic duo does it without a pair of good gloves? Not a chance!When Batman and Robin head out to clean the streets of Gotham City, the gloves go on. And if you plan on dressing up as your favorite superhero, then you should be wearing a pair of sturdy gloves too!Fun DetailsThese Adult Robin Green Costume Gloves complete any costume based on the Boy Wonder. They’re made out of vinyl material and come in a bight green color that complements the classic Robin costume from the comic books. Just slip them on and you’ll be ready to tangle with the likes of any Gotham City villain.Gadgets GaloreIf you’re cosplaying as Batman’s number one sidekick, then you’ll want the complete look. After all, Robin is known for having the gadget to deal with any situation, so a pair of gloves is first on his list of necessary wear!

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