Adult South Park Cartman Inflatable Costume

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We Can’t Quote Him HereIs Eric Cartman the most evil nine year old of all time? Maybe. He’s certainly in the running! Feeding a child their parents in the form of chili? That’s some Shakespearean levels of evil right there. And somehow, this kid gets away with it. Fans of South Park love watching Cartman wreak havoc through the seasons. Are you a fan of the cruel and dastardly kid? Do his shocking lines have you both stunned and laughing? Then this South Park Cartman Inflatable Adult Costume is the perfect look for you! Product DetailsYou aren’t fat; you’ll just have a “sweet hockey body” in this inflatable polyester! From the brown pants and red jacket to the blue and yellow cap, this is Cartman at his most classic. The suit zips up at the back and features its own fan (AA batteries not included), so there won’t be any hyperventilating to get this poufy look. Yellow fabric hands and ankle elastic make sure that the suit stays inflated all evening. While some vision is possible through the mesh eyes, please note that it could make getting around difficult, especially in the dark. Not One of Those HippiesFrom dolphins to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, apparently Cartman finds many people (and animals, and things) to be hippies. In this inflatable costume, you can call anyone and anything a hippie with “absolute authora-tah.” You could also call them several other names, none of them appropriate to list here! For all of its crassness and shocking events, South Park has become an American classic. Since 1997, the bold show has kept audiences at attention, and it shows no signs of stopping. No matter where you go in this costume, someone is bound to recognize you. Get ready for some quote battles!

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