Adult Tacky Traveler Costume

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Trip of a LifetimeWe don’t know about you, but we could use a vacation. This year especially. Just imagine yourself sunning on a beach somewhere, drink in hand, watching the waves roll in. Or maybe your style is more adventurous, with outings to cultural sites, restaurants, and markets. Either way, we’re guessing your style isn’t the same at this Adult Tacky Traveler Costume, which is what makes it so much fun! In it, you can channel those vacay vibes with hilarious humor. So go ahead and set up your Halloween party to match the style of this uncool costume – blend up a pitcher of daiquiris, set out beach chairs for your guests, light a few tiki torches, and require socks and sandals – it’s your party, and you’ll cry (laughing) if you want to. Now, which way to the buffet?Design & DetailsThis is a clever jumpsuit, designed to look like a tank top, shorts, and button-down shirt. Talk about an easy travel piece! The white tank says “Which Way to the Buffet?” and the oversized shorts pair perfectly with the shirt’s bold floral print. For footwear, we suggest the aforementioned winning combo of socks and sandals, or perfectly polished athletic shoes with tube socks. Add a straw hat and the accessories of your choice – sunglasses, tiki glasses, cameras, and passport pouches are all great picks. Happy TravelerAh, now wasn’t that vacation simply perfect? Who cares who you offended along the way by talking too loudly in English or ordering a burger and fries everywhere you went? That tacky trip was just what you needed to unwind. Don’t forget to make your friends look at all 332 of your photos when you get back!

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