Adult Tenderheart Bear Unisex Costume T-Shirt

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For Those with a Tender HeartEvery Care Bear has their own way of showing that they care. Share Bear likes to share her favorite things with her friends. Cheer Bear likes to help her friends by cheering them up. Grumpy Bear… well, you can tell how much he cares simply by how grumpy he is. But Tenderheart? He is the master of caring. He cares with a deep sense of compassion, which is why his very belly badge is a big heart and everything he does comes from a place of caring!If you want to be the zen master of caring, then you can transform into Tenderheart Bear with this unisex costume t-shirt for adults!Product DetailsThis Tenderheat Bear Costume T-Shirt is an officially licensed Care Bears shirt that doubles as a quick and easy costume for any Care Bears fan. It’s made out of cotton, so it’s comfortable and durable. The front of the shirt features the belly badge of Tenderheart Bear printed onto the front. Simply wear it with your favorite pair of pants and you’ll instantly look like your favorite Care Bear, and it might help you feel a little more in touch with your caring side.

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