Adult Toy Story Hamm Inflatable Costume

440,00 kr.

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Hamm Full of AirSome might say that Hamm is full of hot air! That’s just because the little pig from Toy Story is always making wisecracks, witty retorts, and snarky comments. He’s almost never serious, even when the toys are in some pretty tough situations. Of course, that’s why we love him! Well, now you can become the air-filled character from the movie… quite literally! This Toy Story Hamm Inflatable Costume for adults is one of our inflatable costumes that will have you ready to dispense some sarcastic jokes, just like the piggy bank from the cartoon!Product DetailsThis Toy Story Hamm costume is an adult-sized costume that comes with a full-body jumpsuit that’s made out of a windbreaker-style fabric. Elastic in the pants and sleeves help create an air-tight design. The suit also has a built-in fan and battery pack. All you have to do is flip a switch and the costume inflate within just a few minutes. Leave the fan on as you dress up like Hamm to keep fully inflated! You can wear your normal clothes underneath, so changing into this costume is a breeze! Make sure you check out all of your Toy Story costumes and bring a few friends along!

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