Adult Winnie the Pooh Inflatable Costume

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One Wise BearWinnie the Pooh is a great role model. That friendly Disney bear lives life with a lovely simplicity and kindness that we should all strive for. Of course, he also gets to live on a steady diet of honey… and that’s really something that we can get behind!If you’re ready to share your kindly sensibilities with the world, or if you just want a reason to indulge in a little extra honey, then this Winnie the Pooh Inflatable Costume is the perfect costume for you!Product DetailsThis inflatable costume is inspired by the easygoing Disney character! The costume comes with a jumpsuit made out of windbreaker material, which creates an airtight seal when inflating the costume. The jumpsuit itself is the pleasant yellow color of Winnie the Pooh and has his red shirt designed into the top. The head, which has a translucent visor for limited vision, is shaped like Pooh Bear’s head.The jumpsuit also comes with a built-in fan to inflate the costume. Simply insert batteries, turn it on, and the costume will inflate in just a few minutes. Leave the fan running to keep the costume inflated while you cosplay as Hundred Acre Wood’s favorite bear!

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