Adults Costume Brown Buccaneer Boots

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You Call Those Sea Legs?If you plan on sailing the seven seas then you’ve got to make sure you’ve got a primo set of sea legs. That all starts with the perfect footwear and any pirate worth his weight in treasure will tell you that these Brown Buccaneers Boots are exactly that. Once you toss these on your feet you won’t feel right until you’re on a ship with your fellow scallywags. If you don’t want to be called out as a landlubber this Halloween these are the boots to complete your head to toe pirate transformation.Boots Built for a BuccaneerThese brown boots are designed with an oversized cuff and a lace up feature on the backs. The shoe laces are also colored brown however they are just for decoration. The zipper in the back of these boots will secure them to your sea legs and ensure you are ready for even the harshest of storms. Along with the zipper, the anti-slip tread on the sole of these boots will keep you on your feet at sea or even just on the dance floor.These Boots Don’t Do PlanksAy matey, if you’re ready to set sail this Halloween then complete your costume with these Brown Buccaneer Boots! No one will be asking you to walk the plank with this fine footwear, that’s for sure.

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