Adults Furry Spider Costume

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There’s Nothing ScarierSure, you can try to dress up as a werewolf, or a vampire, or some kind of monster, or worst of all: a clown. And yes, those are all scary to people, no doubt about it. Yet, there’s something that absolutely, positively, scares everyone (or at least everyone in our office), no matter how brave you are-spiders. Even if you think you’re being brave when you take a roll of paper towel to get one in your apartment, we guarantee your heart is still pounding the whole time. And the bigger and furrier the spider, the scarier it is. So if you really want to scare your friends, we bring you this Adult Furry Spider costume, guaranteed to make incite fright!Even as we designed this costume we were scared-terrified-of how creepy it is to bring a spider this large to life. Sometimes we can’t sleep at night, we just keep seeing a person-sized spider creeping along our walls, watching us with unblinking eyes.Fun DetailsAnd that could be the effect you have on the friends you want to scare! We won’t judge why you need to scare them that badly, we’ll only applaud your dedication to doing it in the most extreme way you can. This costume consists of a lined hood featuring soft-sculpted eyes and a shirt that has 2 pairs of extra arms sewn into the sides (shudder). A stuffed spider abdomen is sewn to the back hemline of the shirt, and the included pants will fit for comfort. We’re feeling creepy crawlies all over our bodies just as we describe this costume to you!Some Quick AdviceAfter you’re done terrifying your friends and maybe turning them into enemies, watch out for the dreaded paper towel. They may try to snuff you out with an entire roll of wadded up paper towel, so make sure to have a quick exit planned. But always return when they least expect it!

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