Adults Horse Costume

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Wild Hearts Can’t Be BrokenDo you want to get back in touch with your wild side? There are a few ways to do it. You can turn off the television, head into the backyard, and howl at the moon on cloudless nights. Yes, you might get noise complaints from the neighbors but at least you’ll get a bit of a release! You can try galivanting through fields and exploring the woods for a weekend. You can only do this for so long. But if you have a boiling wild side that’s begging to be worn on your sleeve, try dressing as a wild stallion or mare for a whole night. There’s no bridle or saddle on this horse! This Mustang can’t be broken!Details & DesignIt’s easy to transform into one of the most mystical animals of history with this horse jumpsuit that’s Made by Us! This velvet smooth look simply zips up the front and is all in one piece. It has a long, shaggy tail attached to the back. The sleeves have hooves attached to the cuffs. The hood is topped with a sculpted and stuffed horse head. The face has gentle eyes and perky ears as well as a long, shaggy mane. With a unique and exclusive look, this costume looks like it’s fresh off the farm. Hot to TrotWant a costume in your closet that’s sure to be a favorite? Unbridle yourself with this hilarious horse ensemble. Perfect for costume parties as well as plays and parades, it’s a fully transformative look! Pair up with a jockey or keep the herd together with a whole group of similar ponies. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy letting your wild side out of the bag. Next time someone suggests a boring costume you’ve got one answer, “Neigh!”.

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