Adult’s Inflatable Black Jumpsuit Costume

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The Silver LiningEver feel like you can’t stand the rain? Stay dry and super fly when you focus on your rainy day’s silver lining. For one, you can just stay inside and be your weird self. What? Nothing personal. When we’re all stuck inside without anyone around to judge us, we all get weird. It’s rainy days like this that lets us do strange things like trying to recreate nineties music videos with the new fisheye lens on our phone. Come to think of it, if you get that just right, you’re going to have to share that with social media, it would be a shame not to! Looks like your rainy day storm cloud just gained a super fly silver lining!Product DetailsWhether you’re using this inflatable suit to recreate a classic music video or you simply want to be the biggest shadow around, you’re sure to enjoy going big when you activate this inflatable suit. The all-black look lets you stay anonymous with a black hood, gloves, and even socks to hide every part of your identity. Elastic at your wrists and ankles keep the air generated by the fan in back trapped inside. The fan runs on four AA batteries that are sold separately. A battery pack attaches to your clothing on the inside to make sure everything stays in place even if you’re dancing.Funny Shadow FiguresAre you looking to create an enigmatic over the top character? You’ll find all the mystery and volume you need with this look. Whether you’re performing an interpretive dance depicting a shadowy sumo wrestler demon or you’re using this to create an 8 ball costume or even a creative version of the void, your look is sure to stand out. It turns out that being a black spot on this Halloween holiday isn’t a bad thing!

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