Adult’s Spinosaurus Costume

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Til butik


WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT!?Holy cats, would ya look at that?! A rare Spinosaurus just wandered into our backyard from the woods. What the heck is he doing, looking for apples? Actually, a Spinosaurus doesn’t eat apples, it eats…meat! Someone, make sure Fluffy is alright! Oh jeez, I hope she didn’t sneak out the back door again. She’s a goner if she did. Oh boy, the Spinosaurus is grazing in OUR backyard, wow this is so exciting. He’s getting closer to the house! Quick, someone grab my camera. The picture I’m about to take will go viral, just you wait and see. This is going to get me 500k followers by morning. I could be on the verge of the next big meme. Wow, this prehistoric beast is absolutely glorious; I can almost see its face! Wow, it’s…it’s… it’s just the neighbor dude in a dinosaur costume. Great costume though, so lifelike! On second thought, I’m still taking my camera and snapping a picture of him anyway. There’s still a pretty big chance the photo will go viral and besides, I want to remember that epic costume.Create prehistoric pandemonium wherever you roam once you’re outfitted in the adult Spinosaurus costume; it’s so lifelike, some will believe it’s the return of the dinosaurs! Practice a credible dino roar to convince as many people as possible. PRODUCT DETAILS The Made by Us adult Spinosaurus costume is a high-quality garment featuring a full-zipper and an all-over scaly pattern. A stuffed tail is sewn to the back of the suit, and mitts are attached to the sleeve cuffs. The shoe covers strap over your feet. And the hood will make you look ferocious!JURAS-SICK!Seeing one dinosaur is pretty sweet, but do you know what’s even sweeter? Seeing a whole pack of dinos! Get your pals to dress in our other Made by Fun dinosaur costumes and create a fossilized frenzy.

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