Aladdin Street Rat Costume for Kids W/ pants & Shirt | Exclusive

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One Jump AheadWatch out, Aladdin! The authorities are after you again! It’s weird that they’re so upset with you for simply stealing a loaf of bread – you’re just going to share it with Abu anyway. Too bad they don’t try to look closer and see you for what you really are: a diamond in the rough. The life of a street rat can be cold, lonely, and hungry, but you’ve got plenty of heart and kindness. That’s the stuff that heroes are made of! Maybe, just maybe, your luck will change: You’ll make a new blue friend who loves to joke, catch the eye of the princess and save the kingdom of Agrabah from an evil sorcerer. After all, even a street rat can be a prince of a guy!Product DetailsGrab your flying carpet and get ready for adventure with this officially licensed Kids Aladdin Street Rat Costume! You’ll look like you came straight out of an Arabian Nights tale when you wear the flowing white pants with their brown foam waistband and artful patch. The off-white shirt has a tied front placket and looks picture-perfect under the cropped purple faux-suede vest. The mini red fez is literally the crowning touch!A Whole New WorldAladdin learns that when he opens himself to new adventures, the world can be a magical place full of laughter and amazement. If you love the wonder of the classic Disney tale, you’ll have a great time bringing the story to life for yourself!

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