Alf Plus Size Costume | Exclusive | Made By Us | Animal Jumpsuit

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ALF So, you think you’re ready to become an Alien Life form? Perfect, we’ll just call you ALF. Isn’t that a great way to come up with a name? You just take some characteristics of someone and make them into an Acronym. So, if our name is, what would it stand for? We could be the “Fanciest unicorns naturally coming out of ‘Merica”. Yeah, that comes out to alright, I guess we are unicorns now! We have to applaud the Tanner family on their ingenuity, that is a great way to come up with a name. We also have to applaud the Tanner family for their patience and understanding when it comes to Alf. If we had an alien staying in our house that kept trying to eat our pet cat, well, we would probably consider that a deal breaker. So good for the Tanners for making it work! FUN DETAILS This costume is all you’ll need to transform into one of the most famous aliens on the planet! And you don’t have to feel guilty about it either, because this costume is only made of polyester and faux fur, so there’s no real fur anywhere on it! This costume consists of a bodysuit, gloves, shoe covers and a mask. The shoe covers are the perfect way to transform your tennis shoes into alien feet, and the mask will give you that instantly recognizable face that we have all come to love. This officially licensed costume is destined to be a hit with any fans of the show! DON’T EAT CATSWe know that when you put on this costume, it’s easy to get really into the character. We only ask that you don’t get too into the character and try to eat a cat! If you find yourself looking for a cat instead of candy this Halloween, please, just take off the mask. Cats are friends, not food!

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