Alien Toddler Costume

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Til butik


Let’s face it: Your kid doesn’t always act like they’re from this planet. Not only are they too cute to possibly human, but sometimes, they seem to have the freakiest knack for making you laugh at just the right times. Not to mention their outta-sight quirks and expressions!And sometimes, you can’t help but think of that amazing Saturday morning ’80s sitcom, Out of This World, which was about a teenage girl named Evie who discovered on her thirteenth birthday that she was half-human, half-alien. And while her superpowers – like the ability to freeze time by touching the tips of her index fingers together, or “gleep”, a.k.a., allow her to manifest objects by using the power of her mind – were super cool, you can’t help but wonder…when did her mom start seeing signs that she might be half alien? Should you be seeing signs already? And what signs would they be? Maybe you should just go back and watch all four seasons again! As, y’know…research!But no matter what planet you think your little buddy might be from, they’ll still be the most adorable thing in this universe with this Toddler Alien Costume! Made of 100% polyester fabric, faux fur, and fiberfill, this satin-lined fur bodysuit fastens with Hook and Loop fastener at the center of the back for quick changing. There’s fiberfill padding between shell and the lining to give the costume a plump appearance, and the satin-lined fur hood fastens under the chin with Hook and Loop fastener, keeping it securely on but comfy for your little buddy. The soft-sculpted ears, horn, and plastic eyes are on top of the hood. Just add a long-sleeved shirt, legging, and cute shoes, and your little extraterrestrial wonder will be ready for a Halloween that’s out of this world!

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