All Wrapped Up Sexy Santa Costume

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Til butik


Christmas is great and all but you know what it could use more of? Swank. That’s right, with all of this holly and jolly hubbub the fashionistas can sometimes get left out in the cold. That’s not where they belong. They belong in the warmest spot in the room. The limelight!You can be the one to ring in the swank and swagger of this Christmas. There’s no way you’re some kind of red-nosed Santa waiting around in a run-down shopping mall so that screaming kids can come sit on your lap and tell you all the presents they want. Oh no, that’s what letters are for, in fact, why don’t those kiddos get with the times and tweet the North Pole their lists? We think that’s much more efficient. And that leaves plenty of time for Santas like you to do what you do. To be honest, we’re not quite as classy as you so we’re not sure what that is. Maybe you sit in an igloo and pontificate with your Christmas elf followers about the latest Arctic fashion trends. Maybe you go for rides in your newly waxed sleigh. We honestly don’t care as long as you keep those selfies rolling on Instagram!There’s no filter needed to look like a swanky Santa when you’re rocking this ensemble. It features a velvety red dress with an attached hood, a wide black belt, and boot cuffs that fit onto whatever classy pair of boots you decide to wear. This year, it’s time for you to bring a touch of class to Christmas!

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