Astronaut Space Costume Plush Helmet

94,00 kr.

Til butik


Deep Dark SpaceThere is nothing inherently scary about an astronaut. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Astronauts need to be smart, well-educated, and relatively level-headed. All in all, that’s a pretty non-threatening person. Space is another story. Sure, from where we’re standing, space is nothing but a sparkly backdrop of stars-even in the daytime. But, get up there into the dark expanse, where the stars are actually nowhere close to twinkle for you, and, that’s when we find out astronauts are very brave. The dark vacuum of space is definitely not friendly to terrestrial lifeforms, and that’s before we even contemplate that there might be alien life forms out there with good or no so good intentions. It’s all too much! But, to be sure, choosing an astronaut outfit for your next Halloween costume is a totally safe proposition. So, consider wearing this Soft Astronaut Space Helmet to roleplay as a brave space explorer. You’re sure to have some outer space fun right here on planet earth!Product DetailsThe Halloween possibilities are endless when you have this costume accessory in your collection. Inspired by NASA space helmets, this plush hat features embroidered patches and metallic detailing to give it an authentic look. But, because safety in space doesn’t matter if you don’t know what’s hiding in the shadows anyway, this helmet is given the cozy comfort treatment instead of a sturdy, heavyweight plastic shell. Even if ill-meaning aliens come your way, this fiber-filled, quilted foam helmet, becomes a soft place to rest your panicking head!Space Helmet for EarthWhether playtime has your child blasting off to space or you want your Halloween costume to be out of this world, this Soft Astronaut Space Helmet is a must-have! Comfortable and lightweight, you and yours can be ready for any terrestrial space adventure with this costume accessory!

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